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Having run my software architecture kata for thousands of people across the globe, I can now pretty much predict what’s going to happen. There’s a great post by Joshua Kerievsky titled The Day We Stopped Sprinting that itself references an older post called Evolutionary Design, which talks about the need to create a “primitive whole” initially, before iterating to improve it over time. Marketplace services I want to start part 3 by saying that I really do like and recommend Pivotal Web Services and Cloud Foundry as a simple and robust way to deploy Java applications. Pivotal Web Services and Cloud Foundry as a way to easily deploy applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Introduction I’ve been a software developer for over 20 years, during which time I’ve built many different types of software systems in many different environments, the majority centred around Java and web technologies, but I’ve used others too.

To get more people thinking and talking about software architecture, I’m offering free copies of my Software Architecture for Developers ebooks for meetups. My cheat sheet summarising the C4 model has now been updated, and I’ve created another to summarise my thoughts on how to document software architecture. I hope you find them useful! Despite the seemingly high unpopularity of UML these days, it continues to surprise me how many software teams tell me that they use PlantUML. If you’ve not seen it, PlantUML is basically a tool that allows you to create UML diagrams using text. I rolled out a new feature to Structurizr at the weekend called Structurizr Express, which is basically a way to create software architecture diagrams using text. Who wants to go to Google or break out the library of programming books every single time you get stuck on something?

Below is a compilation of extremely useful cheat sheets, which can be printed, laminated and placed nearby for easy reference while doing your web development and design. Everyone has moments where a function cannot be remembered, and that is where these cheat sheets can be lifesavers. I was happy to do so. You did a really nice job on both sheets. Sunday, 06-Sep-09 21:00:05 UTC – Identi. Monday, 07-Sep-09 01:24:49 UTC – Identi.

Or other commercial walk, but can be simulated on iOS and Android devices using the Pidoco App. Thanks a lot for the Quick Reference; learn what is needed to be in business. Could I translate it and share it with Japanese engineers? Every now and then I decided to get back to basics with a pencil, good job with the images buddy.

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