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Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. 1 – bicycle chainyes a bicycle chain, you’tutorial autocad 2014 pdf seee what’s for.

Table saw or router table, or router, or dremel. Ok, so what the heck is the bicycle chain for? Now,what you need to do is to take your bicycle chain, and dissasembly it several times, in order to get 24 pins, as the images show. I put my chain tool in the vise to have a better handling. Every chain link is componed by two pins, two little rings, and two little flat pieces, we will only use the pins, but save the other little pieces, cause they can be very usefull, and you never know when you gonna need them. Ok, first print the leaf template, and glue it to the copper sheet.

Once you get them all cut, remove the paper, and we are ready for the next step! I had no time to make a jig to precicely position the pin in every leaf, so i did it “by eye”, anyway, we dont need surgical precision for this one. Then, wrap the wire around the pin base. And finally, heat everything untill the solder gets melted, use a soft flame, there’s no need for exesive heat. Do all that, and 20 minutes later you will have your 12 copper leaves set, ready to go!

Now lets make the two rings. First, print the rings template, and glue them in to the mdf boards. The ring with the runners, is for the 15 mm MDF borad, and the ring with the 12 holes, is for the 3 mm MDF. And that’s all, now lets go to the assembly part! First, take the cd tube case. Put the 3rd leaf under the 2ndand so, untill you get the 12 leaves set up.

Lets see a video of the iris in action! We have a be nice policy. I don’t have autocad and the online viewer isn’t great. Any chance you’d post a pdf of the schematic? Great work on this by the way!

Will this work if the pin is glued to the Leaves with some Super Glue? The exterior circle is supposed to be 130mm, but I see 123mm. The inner circle is correct with 75mm. How do I scale this up for a 2ft windows? Hi kommodore, I was wondering how long it took you to make it and how difficult you found it. I was planning on making one that can be ran with a motor.

It may seems difficult, but you will notice by yourself that is not! Is there a trick to make the iris reach a fully closed position. I have been looking at several different designs and most of them seem to leave a tiny opening when closed. This one does not seem to have that issue. Hi, it will depend on the thickness of the leaves, when closing the iris, the leaves overlap with each other.

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In this case, the thickness of each leaf is 0,1 mm. When fully closed, the 12 leaves sum 1,2mm thick in the center. Have a few questions, how can you be reached ? Do the leaves reinforce each other? Would it be like bending 12 layers of the copper or does it feel rather flimsy when shut? Instructables will help you learn how to make anything!

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