The well tended perennial garden pdf

This instructable will cover the details of the Vertical The well tended perennial garden pdf built for my “Hydroponic, Automated, Networking, Climate Controlled Greenhouse Project”. As of this moment the greenhouse’s skeleton is all that is completed.

I didn’t get as much done over the summer as I had hoped because of the nasty weather. However, over the winter I am working on constructing most of the hardware to go inside the greenhouse including the climate control system. I hope to be up and running by the time it’s warm enough to start growing. Each major section of this project should be it’s own instructable and when it’s all finished I’ll compile it into a guide. Right now I’ll show you the features of the Vertical Garden ready for installation in the spring.

Every good project starts with a frame, including the Vertical Garden. Each horizontal piece holds one PVC grow tube, with a small machine bolt passing through the PVC pipe and the horizontal member and then secured with a nut and washer. Each PVC tube is secured with two fasteners. Each fastener is located near a hole for a mesh pot. That way a screwdriver can be easily inserted into the bolt head while the nut on the other side can be tightened with a wrench. The vertical members are positioned so that they match up with the studs in the corner of the greenhouse.

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When the Vertical Garden is installed, it will be attached to the studs via these vertical members. Finally, at the top and bottom of each outer vertical member is a diagonal cross member that keeps the whole structure from flexing while it is free standing. The bottom cross member is also a point of attachment for the supply manifold. The grow tubes are made from 36 inch long pieces of 3 inch PVC sewer pipe.