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The Avatar World has an extensive history dating back more than twenty thousand years. This article lists historical events in a timeline. The history of this world can be roughly divided into two parts, the time before the Avatar and the time of the Avatar. Prior to the Avatar’s creation, lion turtles served as the protectors of mankind, allowing the humans to erect cities atop their shells. The most notable historical event that took place during the adventures of Team Avatar was the Hundred Year War. 0 AG began in winter, but with spring coming soon. This satisfies both the solar calendar and the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Aang emerged from the iceberg during winter in late 99 AG and the final battles of the war occurred in the eighth month of 100 AG. Almost all characters turned their present ages in 99 AG, as no birthdays except for Yue’s have been shown in the series. For example, Katara turned fourteen years old in 99 AG and was nearly fifteen by the end of the War. The only birthdays known to have occurred are those of Yue, who turned sixteen in early 100 AG, in late winter, and of Iroh’s son, Lu Ten, who was of unknown age when killed during the war, but whose birthday was during the spring. As Toph’s birthday is unknown, Toph could have turned twelve in either 99 AG or 100 AG.

Dating for some of the events between Aang’s awakening at the Southern Water Tribe and Aang’s arrival at the Northern Water Tribe may be inaccurate, as it is unknown whether the Solar calendar or Chinese Lunar calendar is being used. The Chinese zodiac is also included. It revolves around the mathematical cycle of twelve animals. The animals are listed here in order. On the second ring of Wan Shi Tong’s calendar, sixteen era names are visible.

However, it is unclear how these are used in the dating of the Avatar world. The era during the date of the eclipse was the Ri Wu era. Note: These definitions are very loosely based on the characters, as many of the combinations are difficult to understand. Some of the characters are no longer used in modern Chinese.

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