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William Shakespeare’s Macbeth continues to be one of his most celebrated plays, even today. While it is not one of his more elaborately constructed works, it nonetheless examines the complicated nature of the human soul, especially when tempted with power and ambition. A notion still relevant today, we watch Macbeth as he is tempted by the lure of the crown, and ultimately—with prodding from Lady Macbeth—decides to murder King Duncan and usurp the throne. Students can create and show a storyboard that captures the concept of the Five Act Structure by making a six-cell storyboard, like the one below. For each cell, have students create a scene that follows the acts in order: Prologue, Conflict, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Denouement.

Example Macbeth Five Act Structure Act 1: Prologue or Exposition The play takes place in Scotland. The Scottish general, Macbeth, and his faithful friend, Banquo, have emerged victorious. However, three witches have brewed an evil plot against Macbeth and when they meet him, they tell him that he will be King! We shall tell Macbeth he will be Thane and King! As for Banquo, he will have kings! Act 2: Rising Action Macbeth and his wife kill the King and take the throne. They go on a tyrannical killing spree.

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The action rises as the audience sees how ambitious Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have become. How can I be king someday? Macbeth, we had to Kill King Duncan, and we will have to kill others to keep our place on the throne! Lady Macbeth becomes mentally unstable, and the couple begins to fear the consequences of their murderous deeds. Act 4: Falling Action A rebellion is instigated by Macduff to restore the throne to Duncan’s exiled son.