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It consists of seven poems, presented together with original artwork especially created for the unit. Each poem, together with its relevant painting, permits a freer, more varied approach to the subject matter seven more languages in seven weeks pdf download in the poem and enables pupils to be drawn in on different levels.

Poems allow a personal inside view in contrast to the more distanced historian’s account. Holocaust but the seven poems do not form a composite picture of the Holocaust. They are rather like different colored stones in an intricate mosaic that depict, very personally, different angles of the whole. They are not interlinked or interdependent although of course common points of reference between some of them can be developed for deeper study. On the buttom of every poem you will find biographical details of each poet. PDF containing the biographical information of all seven authors, click here.

Who dies at a yes or a no. I commend these words to you. When you go to bed, when you rise. Your offspring avert their faces from you. Primo Levi: a Jewish-Italian poet and writer, was born in Turin in 1919.

Before the Second World War he was an industrial chemist. Haunted by his Holocaust experiences, he committed suicide in 1987. Note the format of the poem. Holocaust’ description wedged between the comfort of a post-war description in the first verse and the severe admonition of the last verse.

Levi’s paraphrase of these 4 lines from the prayer are the background for his powerful admonition and warning to future generations to educate their children in the lessons to be learnt from the Holocaust. The extremity of the threat in the concluding three lines written within a year of the poet’s liberation from Auschwitz-Birkenau, is some measure of the powerful emotions at play here – perhaps an expression of their need to transform their terrible experiences into something positive for future generations. The painting is filled with three images, two victims in the background and the generation after the Holocaust in the foreground. The future generations to whom the Holocaust has to be conveyed are not represented in the picture. The ram came last of all.

The old man raised his head. But he bequeathed that hour to his offspring. They are born with a knife in their hearts. Hayim Gouri: a Hebrew poet, was born in Israel in 1923.