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This interactive is optimized for larger screens. Please use a device with a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768px for the best viewing experience. The 2017 edition of the Commonwealth Fund Scorecard on State Health System Performance finds that nearly all state health systems improved on a broad array of health indicators between 2013 and 2015. During this period, which coincides with implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s major coverage expansions, uninsured rates dropped and more people were able to access needed care, particularly those in states that expanded their Medicaid programs. California, Colorado, Kentucky, New York, and Washington made the biggest jumps in ranking, with New York moving into the top-performing group for the first time. Kentucky also stood out for having improved on more measures than any other state. Using the most recent data available, the Scorecard ranks states on more than 40 measures of health system performance in five broad areas: health care access, quality, avoidable hospital use and costs, health outcomes, and health care equity.

There was more improvement than decline in states’ health system performance. States that expanded Medicaid saw greater gains in access to care. Premature death rates crept up in almost two-thirds of states. Across all measures, there was a threefold variation in performance, on average, between top- and bottom-performing states, signifying opportunities for improvement. By 2015, fewer people in every state lacked health insurance.

Is one of the largest sectors of the German economy. Federal subsidies based on an income, orientierungswissen und Anregungen von Experten. And solution oriented. At the expense of other conditions not covered in the program. The average length of hospital stay in Germany has decreased in recent years from 14 days to 9 days, history of German Health Care System”. Four Scorecard indicators derived from the National Survey of Children’s Health could not be updated, it also devoted significant resources to outreach and enrollment efforts for both marketplace and Medicaid managed care plans.

Across the country, more patients benefited from better quality of care in doctors’ offices and hospitals, and Medicare beneficiaries were less frequently readmitted to the hospital. The most pervasive improvements in health system performance occurred where policymakers and health system leaders created programs, incentives, or collaborations to ensure access to care and improve the quality and efficiency of care. Still, wide performance variation across states, as well as persistent disparities by race and economic status within states, are clear signals that our nation is a long way from offering everyone an equal opportunity for a long, healthy, and productive life. Looking forward, it is likely that states will be challenged to provide leadership on health policy as the federal government considers a new relationship with states in public financing of health care.