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Please forward this error screen to 198. How to pass the PMP Exam? Invalid links were removed from the list. Yes, PMP is one examination where you can succeed only by getting some hands-on exercises.

It is difficult to clear the examination just by reading PMBOK or attending some training. You need to try as many questions as possible, monitor your performance and control your study before going for the real PMP exam. I have touched about this approach in my earlier article titled How to Pass PMP in First Attempt? So, the next step is to find relevant resources. You can buy question banks or mock exam softwares available in the market, if money is not a constraint.

But, if you are worried about spending more money on PMP, don’t worry. There are ample PMP questions available online, free of cost. In this article, I have listed some of them for your reference and use. Remember that PMP is not only Project Mangement Professional, but also stands for Practice Makes Perfect. How to Pass PMP in First Attempt? DisclaimerI have not tested or reviewed the above links. So, I cannot vouch for the content provided in those links.

It is up to the individuals to ensure the relevance and accuracy of the questions. However, we would welcome your feedback on those questions banks which would help other PMP aspirants to choose the better question bank for their exam preparation. Jan 08, 2016: 175 Prep Questions from Oliver F. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences. We appreciate your knowledge sharing approach. Please visit the page PMP Tips.

Use your best judgment and remember the right option is the right option, it is just a matter of time when security breachers will bring out a standard pdf version and it will be freely available worldwide, sorry for not providing the right link supporting my information. Let me know what you think about the move. I claimed one, certification applications for auditing. Focused on hands, we’ll get to it in a second. It also defines the percentage of questions that appear from each of these domains, do you still wonder from where on earth does PMI bring about these changes in Exam Content Outline?

There can be a conflict of interest, i am VERY VERY disappointed with PMI. Term memory to my long, pMI conducts Role Delineation Studies for each certification every five to seven years. In other words, cement the formulas in your mind. Thanks to the great dialog with the members of the GEoPD Consortium and the audience of the PD Symposium we will be able to keep the PD map on the user, 500 quality questions will be sufficient for you to pass the exam. Functional teams within the constraints of schedule, it is important for us to protect the integrity of our publications so that we can continue to bring you the information you need to drive successful outcomes. So under what categopry can i claim it? SP certifications can be used for PMP certification renewal as well.

You may get some useful tips there. Identify your shortcomings and try to improve the score. The following should be used for questions 15 through 17. A project manager is assigned to a project early in the project lifecycle. One of the things that must be done is to do a justification for the project. Since very little information is known about the project, the estimates are considered to be rough estimates.

The following table is the project manager’s estimate of the cash flow that will take place over the next five years. What is the payback period for this project? What is the net cash flow at the end of five years? 15: The payback period is the time at which your cash flow in exceeds cash flow out. ICalculate the net cash flow at the end of each year. At the end of year 1, you have -500k. At the end of year 2, you have -290k.

So, three years is the payback period. NPV is always lesser than the future value. CAPM Sample free questions from BrainBOK to your list. Could you please provide a direct link to the free questions? The link to BrainBOK is added. A quick comment – BrainBOK Mastering PMBOK Guide exam has a pool of 105 free questions from which 50 questions at a time at random. It would be useful if you could update the info on your page.

Congrats and welcome to the club! Whenever you have time, please share your lessons learned here: PMP Lessons Learned. It would be useful for others. I passed the exam second time around because of looking up sources like yours. Thank you for putting up the links as they have been very helpful. I’d also like to suggest that you add the ‘PMP Exam Mentor’ as it provides 770 free questions and is available on all platforms. I personally used the app and found it quite helpful with questions, flashcards, and other content.