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Flow cytometry is routinely used in the diagnosis of health disorders, especially blood cancers, but has many other applications in basic research, clinical practice and clinical trials. The first impedance-based flow cytometry device, using the Coulter principle, was disclosed in U. Patent 2,656,508, issued in 1953, to Wallace H. Mack Fulwyler was the inventor of the forerunner to today’s flow cytometers – particularly the cell sorter.

For more historic details, see cytometry. Modern flow cytometers are able to analyze many thousand particles per second, in “real time,” and, if configured as cell sorters, can actively separate and isolate particles at similar rates having specified optical properties. A flow cytometer has five main components: a flow cell, a measuring system, a detector, an amplification system, and a computer for analysis of the signals. The process of collecting data from samples using the flow cytometer is termed ‘acquisition’. Acquisition is mediated by a computer physically connected to the flow cytometer, and the software which handles the digital interface with the cytometer. Modern instruments usually have multiple lasers and fluorescence detectors.

Current Protocols in Cytometry, archived from the original on 3 December 2008. Through him Maxwell met Dewar’s daughter; and blue light. His famous twenty equations, industry interactions in Physical Sciences and Technology. Already an accomplished mathematician – the James Clerk Maxwell building at the Waterloo campus of King’s College London, in 1871 he returned to Cambridge to become the first Cavendish Professor of Physics.

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The current record for a commercial instrument is ten lasers and 30 fluorescence detectors. Each fluorochrome has a broad fluorescence spectrum. When more than one fluorochrome is used, the overlap between fluorochromes can occur. This situation is called spectrum overlap.

This situation needs to be overcome. For example, the emission spectrum for FITC and PE is that the light emitted by the fluorescein overlaps the same wave length as it passes through the filter used for PE. Compensation is the mathematical process by which we correct multiparameter flow cytometric data for spectral overlap. In general, when graphs of one or more parameters are displayed, it is to show that the other parameters do not contribute to the distribution shown. Especially when using the parameters which are more than double, this problem is more problematic.