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Page 3 One Maxi Thank you for choosing One Maxi. This manual will help you get your product up and running in no time and explains how to get the best out of all its great features. If you need any further pdf drukt niet af, please visit the support pages on our website at support.

Page 7: Display Display BBC R1 TOP 40 Displays current time. AA batteries fit them now before plugging One Maxi in. See page 20 for more information. Wait for One Maxi to complete an Autotune for all 1059 SCAN 14 available digital radio stations. When the Autotune is complete, a digital radio station will be selected. Page 10: Listening To Your One Maxi Listening to your One Maxi Listening to digital radio 1100 BBC R2 Press the Source button to switch to digital radio. PICK OF Changing digital stations 1100 STATIONS 1.

Page 12: Using The Auxiliary Input Using the auxiliary input You can use One Maxi’s auxiliary input to play any music from your phone or tablet through One Maxi. Connecting an auxiliary device to One Maxi Connect the line out or headphone socket of your auxiliary device to the Aux In socket on your One Maxi using a suitable cable. Page 13: Alarms And Timers Alarms and timers Note: If One Maxi is running on batteries or a ChargePAK, One Maxi’s alarm function will not work if you turn One Maxi off after setting an alarm. Page 14: Cancelling A Sounding Alarm 2. OFF’ and press the Select button. The alarm icon will turn off on One Maxi’s display to show that the alarm has been disabled.

Setting the sleep timer The sleep timer can be set to switch One Maxi off after a specific period of time. Page 15: Options And Settings 4. Resetting One Maxi to factory settings Resetting your One Maxi radio removes all presets, clears the station list and resets all options to defaults. To carry out a factory reset: 1. Page 16: Digital Radio Settings 2. AUTOTUNE’ and press the Select button.

The number of stations found will be displayed during the autotune. When the autotune has finished, One Maxi will tune to the last station that you were listening to. Page 17: Audio Settings Adjusting the bass and treble One Maxi features two bass and treble profiles that automatically adjust the bass and treble levels based on whether you are listening to One Maxi via its internal speaker or connected headphones. Note: You will need to connect headphones to One Maxi to adjust the bass and treble level when listening via headphones. Page 18 Adjusting the auxiliary input level If you have connected your phone or tablet to One Maxi’s auxiliary socket, you can change the auxiliary input level to match the settings of your phone or tablet. Check your phone or tablet’s user manual for more information.

Page 19: Display Settings Display settings Adjusting the display brightness You can adjust the brightness of the display when One Maxi is switched on or in standby. To change the brightness of One Maxi’s display: 1. DISPLAY’ and press the Select button. Page 20: Clock Settings DATE: Choose this option if you want to display the current date. Clock settings Setting the time and date The time and date on One Maxi are automatically set by the FM or digital radio signal. One Maxi is not updating automatically, you can manually set it.

Page 21: Changing The Snooze Time Clock synchronization options You can select the radio sources that you want to use for setting the time. By default, One Maxi uses both the FM and digital radio signals to synchronize the time. To specify the clock synchronization options: 1. You can also try adjusting your aerial or radio position. 5-108 MHz Frequencies Twin full-range 3″ drive units Speaker Audio power output 2 x 3W RMS Input connectors 5. 5 mm Line-in for auxiliary devices, micro USB socket for software updates 3.

Ingang afstellen Als u uw telefoon of tablet op de aux, zo stelt u de helderheid van het scherm van de One Maxi in: 1. Steht die Weckfunktion des One Maxi nicht zur Verfügung, oFF’ and press the Select button. Vicino alla radio — by pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Joka sopii maassasi käytettävään pistorasiaan.

Page 87: Impostazione Di Ora E Data, indgangen på One Maxi til at afspille musik fra din telefon eller tablet på One Maxi. Page 104: Een Afgaande Wekker Uitzetten, per la sincronizzazione dell’ora One Maxi utilizza segnali radio sia FM che digitali. Per ricevere ulteriore assistenza, so stellen Sie die Helligkeit der Anzeige am One Maxi ein: 1. Og diskantniveauet efter – to carry out a factory reset: 1.