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Just enter your info below and we’ll send it to you right now! Like all organisms on the planet, we humans are genetically programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. A cat chasing a mouse is seeking pleasure, while overcoming binge eating pdf unfortunate rodent is doing its best to avoid pain.

Indeed, any behavior we can imagine can be seen as either of these, or a swirl of both. This is particularly apparent in light of our eating. When you’re turned on by food, you turn on metabolism. In a study at the University of Texas, participants with very high cholesterol levels were placed on a low-fat diet, however, they were allowed to splurge every other day on a milkshake and a ham and cheese sandwich. According to conventional wisdom, they should have experienced a significant rise in blood cholesterol, but there was none. In another unusual study, researchers from Sweden and Thailand joined forces to determine how cultural preferences for food affects the absorption of iron from a meal.

As fate would have it, Thai women enjoy Thai food but Swedish women don’t. Next, the Thai women were separated into two groups. One group received the aforementioned Thai meal and the other was given the same exact meal as well, but that meal was first placed in a blender and turned to mush. Just imagine your favorite evening meal all whipped together into baby food.

Once again, the same results were seen for their Swedish counterparts who had their Swedish meal turned into a frappé. The inescapable conclusion is that the nutritional value of a food is not merely given in the nutrients it contains, but is dependent upon the synergistic factors that helps us absorb those nutrients. Remove Vitamin P: Pleasure, and the nutritional value of our food plummets. Add Vitamin P and your meal is metabolically optimized. In a fascinating animal study, scientists surgically destroyed the nerve centers of rats’ brains that enable the rats to taste. Both groups were fed the exact same food, ate the same amounts, and were treated by researchers with the same manner of respect.

This substance is produced by the body in response to protein or fat in a meal and performs a number of versatile functions. First, it directly aids digestion by stimulating the small intestines, pancreas, gallbladder, and stomach. So, in putting all this together, we find that the same chemical that functions to metabolize our meal also tells us when it’s time to finish that meal, and makes us feel good about the entire experience. It shows us how pleasure, metabolism, and a naturally controlled appetite are interwoven to the core.

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Most people think that pleasure is completely separate from the nutritional process and serves no metabolic function. In the absence of pleasurable satiation, one of the chemicals that increases our appetite is neuropeptide Y. It tells us to search for food. It is naturally elevated in the morning, which makes sense because that’s when the body is readying itself for action.

Neuropeptide Y is also elevated whenever we are deprived of food. Its presence is particularly enhanced after dieting. So if you deny yourself the pleasure of food through low-calorie eating or if you restrict yourself to a fun-free diet, the body responds by chemically demanding pleasure and satisfaction. The lesson that neuropeptide Y teaches us is that we cannot escape the biological imperative to party and enjoy. No matter how stingy we are with eating, the body will not be denied. The class of chemicals most people associate with pleasure are the endorphins. The simple act of eating raises our levels of endorphins.

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