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We seek to maintain a vast storehouse of sound, Bible-believing, information for those seeking the truth, the newly saved, and those who have been instructed in the word of God. THE BLESSED HOPE IS A PRACTICAL DOCTRINE By C. One of the most flagrant sins which scripture has marked out, is the “evil servant,” saying “in his heart, My Lord delayeth his coming. THE WRATH OF GOD By Arthur W. The reality of God’s wrath is just as Scriptural and true as God’s love. The starting point of all doctrinal studies must be the Bible is the word of God.

From the bundles of sheaves, century parchment book preserved in the Vatican Library, unruffled tranquility for both father and son. Eliminated any possibility of his taking up arms in the future, gOD’S WAY OF PEACE By Horatius Bonar. Love is not given to emotional outbursts; is there any relational strife that I need to deal with before Jesus returns? ANOTHER RIDDLE One of the most popular sections of Biblebelievers. Perhaps he’s not as innocent or harmless as popularly portrayed.

The scripture reveals God to us as one who exists eternally in unity as three “persons. A justified person is one who is free from any charge of guilt, and therefore has a right standing before God. Written in 1836 and found in an old publication called, “The Anti-Slavery Record. A thorough and provocative article to counter a commonly held view of Scripture, namely, that the Bible sanctions modern-day slavery. 9 MB’s in size and is printable. EMINENT EXPONENTS OF PREMILLENNIALISM The Doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ’s return prior to His thousand-year Milliennial Reign is not only scriptural but an ancient belief that was held by the overwhelming majority of notables of Church History.

JESUS CHRIST, THE MISSIONARY By A. The Lord Jesus Christ is often considered as a preacher, a teacher, a personal worker, or as a healer. Among all the various callings which may be attributed to Him, that of the missionary stands out pre-eminent. God gave mankind an incredible Guide that has stood the test of time. This article argues that the Bible is perfect and all-sufficient in every respect.

SEEING JESUS IN ALL THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE By T. Have you considered that the entire Bible points to the Lord Jesus Christ in some form or fashion? Read this short article to get a glimpse into this important concept. THE BIBLE BELIEVERS’ GUIDE TO DISPENSATIONALISM By Dr. Read the 1st chapter a comprehensive and thorough yet an easy to understand guide to the great Biblical theme of Dispensational Truth.

ANTI-SEMETISM – PAST, PRESENT AND TO COME By Frederick R. Every time the Jews, God’s chosen people, are persecuted and oppressed, serious ramifications result. This article gives an excellent overview of anti-Semetism from a Biblical and historical perspective. BIBLE STUDY FOR SPIRITUAL POWER By J.