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XLSForm is a form standard created to help simplify the authoring of forms in Excel. Authoring is done in a human readable format using a familiar tool that almost everyone knows – Excel. XLSForms provide a practical standard for sharing and collaborating on authoring forms. The XLSForm is then converted to an XForm, a popular open form major scale worksheet pdf, that allows you to author a form with complex functionality like skip logic in a consistent way across a number of web and mobile data collection platforms.

XLSForms are compatible with the subset of XForm functionality supported by Javarosa Project. XLSForms are supported by a number of popular data collection platforms. Basic format Each Excel workbook usually has two worksheets: survey and choices. A third optional worksheet called settings can add additional specifications to your form and is described below.

The survey worksheet This worksheet gives your form its overall structure and contains most of the content of the form. It contains the full list of questions and information about how they should appear in the form. The choices worksheet This worksheet is used to specify the answer choices for multiple choice questions. Each row represents an answer choice. Answer choices with the same list name are considered part of a related set of choices and will appear together for a question. Both of these worksheets have a set of mandatory columns that must be present for the form to work.

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