Learn to sail pdf

This is a Wing Sail Catamaran project that I started over 6 years ago after seeing the new AC 45s introduced to the America’s Cup races. The learn to sail pdf uses PVC sheet, Carbon Fiber tubing and 377 Dupont Mylar to “skin” the wings. The “Cookie Cutter” construction technique allows me to make quick inexspensive changes to the design without having to scrap a model and start over, everything is tweekable.

We have a be nice policy. Could you please send me the CNC file and instructions. I found the full Rig weight or the weight of the rigid wing only. Hi Dan, what a beautiful boat. I would be able to get your drawing and what materials are used.

I want to make this boat. Could you email me the files and build instructions, please. I’ve been looking for a plan just like this for me and my boys to build. Can i also have the copies of the plans please. I can get the sheets cut out. I was also wondering if you still have the videos of the cat sailing, as they appear to be missing when I tried to get them from the list of files you have available. As this is my first time building an RC boat, I am unsure about what kind of techniques of construction to use, as well as waterproofing the electronics, which electronics to get and how to setup the control systems for trimming.

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If not then I can make do with the PDF files and images you have there to guess what to use and how to do it so I can get building! I am interested in making this boat. Could you email me the CNC files and build instructions at jf. Instructables will help you learn how to make anything! Please forward this error screen to sharedip-19218621972. All sailing terms below are defined in the glossary.

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