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Please forward this error screen to 204. PLEASE NOTE slide presentations on suicide risk in the main menu below. TRAINEE FAQ about forensic psychiatry before emailing. If your questions aren’t answered, feel free to contact me. Note: The material presented on this website is greatly summarized or excerpted. It should not be considered complete or exhaustive. Legal concepts are informal, reflect Dr.

Reid’s general understanding, and are not necessarily the official positions of any court, litigating party, government, or other body. Our combat troops are asked to do more and more, often with less and less material support. Suicide Risk Management and the Standard of Care . Use Multiple-Killing Tragedies in Their Pleas for Better Funding?

Suicide and Malpractice: Florida’s Perez v. Child Custody Evaluations: There Are Rules! Should the Treating Clinician Be an Expert Witness? CIVIL MATTERS, STANDARD OF CARE, SUICIDE, VIOLENCE, ETC. Competence to be Executed: Panetti v. The Insanity Defense: Mad, Bad, or Both?

It didn’t make the national news, but the fight for access to psychiatric care, and insurance “parity” for a great many psychiatric patients is a little closer to being won. United Behavioral Health is the largest mental health care insurer in the United States, with plans that cover over 60 million subscribers. I’ve written about psychopaths, asocial people, and those whom courts and the press call the “criminally insane” for decades. I’ve evaluated a great many, treated some, and overseen the treatment of scores, maybe hundreds. Many years ago, I met with Dr.

Georg Stürup in his Randers, Denmark, home. Those who labor in these fields have our admiration, and our hope that their work someday will bear lasting fruit. Confrontations about payeeship and money in general can be difficult, even violent. If all goes well during that time, he is comfortable signing the SSA-787. It’s my money and I want it now!

Clinical variables related to payeeship under Social Security. Many clinicians, especially those approaching my age, are still concerned about whether — and how — to use email for various kinds of patient communication. Lots of professional organizations, including the American Psychiatric Association, recognize the utility of email, but specify that it must be used properly. Annette Reynolds and Douglas Mossman provides helpful guidance. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and other professionals should already know to be cautious with patient-related email and texting, but patients themselves often initiate risky email communication, sending doctors and therapists detailed, confidential, or time-sensitive information in the unwarranted belief that their email will only be seen by the clinician, and will be read at once.

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