Kingdoms of kalamar player”s guide pdf

Please forward kingdoms of kalamar player’s guide pdf error screen to 144. The source material includes two templates for players who wish to have crossbred characters incorporating fey traits.

The first is the Half Fey, a cross between a fey and a human or giant. Feytouched are one quarter fey, the result of a crossbreeding between a Half Fey and a human or giant. The atomie is the lightest and quickest of all the sprites, standing at less than one foot tall. An atomie has elven features, with pale skin with a hint of woodland green, and four dragonfly-like wings. An atomie’s voice is high-pitched, sounding like the buzzing of a bee. Atomies have magical abilities, and sometimes carry weapons as well.

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Upon hearing an intruder, atomies hide and try to make the intruder go away, using false lights, clattering voices, and pesky, summoned insects. They are insectoid-featured, but more accurately resemble the extra terrestrials commonly known as greys, but with more humanoid features given to them in their general structure including breasts on their females. Mouthless, the banshraes speak telepathically and are unable to sing or use wind instruments but are said to love them both and to be able to be pacified by them. The Brownie is a distant relative of the halfling that dwells in quiet, pastoral areas. The brownie has been expanded to be allowed as a playable race in a number of supplements and publications. One of the first was in the pages of White Dwarf.

D 1st Edition by Bob Lock in 1982. A buckawn is related to the brownie but is slender with dusky skin. A buckawn is less friendly but far more tricky than a brownie, but shuns human contact and does not regularly associate with brownies either. A buckawn is typically armed with a small dagger and quivers of darts which may be drugged or poisoned.