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Sercovam is part of SGS, the world’s leading inspection, iso 10993 4 pdf, testing and certification company. UV photoageing standard RENAULT D271380, which is equivalent to Alliance standard RENAULT-NISSAN RNES-B-00106. This meets the expectations of validation plans dedicated to painted metallic parts.

SGS, through its laboratories dedicated to the transportation sectors, expands the scope of tests on materials, components and railway organs. SGS France Transportation has successfully renewed its AIRBUS accreditations for the Cestas laboratories. I – Non Metallic Materials Testing Laboratories – Class A: Composites standard in order to meet the requirements of the aeronautics industry. 1 Rev B – Nadcap Audit Criteria for Non-Metallic Materials Testing – Mechanical Testing 1. SGS Sercovam has nearly 30 years of experience in the validation of equipment and materials for the truck industry, agricultural vehicles, construction and handling vehicles. Packaging is the interface between the external environment and the product to protect, the choice of packaging materials is critical to ensure food or pharmaceutical products preservation, water resistance and good isolation of sensitive electronics.

Looking for weight reduction, organic matrix composites are booming in the transportation industries. The NF and NF F31-446 F31-447 standards define the required tests to validate laminated panels decorated interior trim train. To qualify these products, a series of tests is required: One should check the overall look of the product, the quality of the sets and marking or the absence of unpleasant odor . SGS Sercovam offers more than lab testing on swimming pool covers. This additional service now enables SGS to provide global support for different pool cover manufacturers and their suppliers. The ISO16750-2 standard describes the electrical measurements and constraints to be met by equipment tested, including verification of the protection against short circuits, withstand voltage, insulation resistance.

The ISO6722 standard describes a list of tests to qualify electrical cables and housings for road vehicles. Dimensionally, are checked diameters of cables and conductors as well as the thickness of the insulation. The electrical properties of the cable are also controlled. SGS SERCOVAM labs are more than ever recognized partners of automotive OEMs. SGS SERCOVAM have references from numerous industrial companies in the defence fields. SGS SERCOVAM performs testing services for major aircraft manufacturers as OEMs such as Airbus, Boeing, Dassault, Eurocopter, Daher Socata, Bombardier, etc. Its laboratories are regularly audited and qualified by their representatives and COFRAC following ISO 17025, guaranteeing to industry actors test sequences identical to those carried out by OEMs.

Crédit impôt Recherche pour les années 2014, 2015 et 2016. Gràce à son agrément par le Ministère de la Recherche, SGS SERCOVAM peut réaliser pour votre compte des études et des recherches dont le montant pourra être inclus dans le calcul du CIR de votre entreprise. Among the 30 weather-o-meter chambers of SGS SERCOVAM laboratories, 4 of them are specially dedicated to Kalahari and Florida tests. Volkswagen PV 3929, Volkswagen PV 3930, etc. SGS SERCOVAM labs increase continuously the number of corrosion devices. OPEL GM4298P, FORD BI10301, FIAT 50180, BMW AA-P184, .

OEM accreditations : have you heard about it ? Since 25 years, SGS SERCOVAM laboratories work closely with main international automotive OEMs. 1-1526 and 1-2014, please refer to www. SGS SERCOVAM labs increase their number of splash water Chamber and are now able to perform splash water test with dust or Arizona dust.

SGS SERCOVAM partenaire des industriels de la piscine réalise la validation des matériaux et équipements de protection des piscines enterrées suivant les normes françaises NF P90-306 et NF P90-308. La tenue des éléments métalliques à la corrosion est testée suivant la norme ISO9227 entre 96 et 240 h. SGS SERCOVAM is the testing laboratory specialized in the paints and protective systems validation dedicated to nautical equipments, boats and offshore structures. Standards mainly practiced are: ISO20340: Paints and varnishes – Performance requirements on paint systems for the protection of offshore structures and associated structures. 6: Paints and varnishes – Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems – Part: 6 Performance testing laboratory.

The norm NF XP T12, service or system meets the requirements of a standard. UV photoageing standard RENAULT D271380, 1 part A2. 320 and NF H00, components and railway organs. Methods for measuring the ability to function enables verification of technical specifications and various main and auxiliary functions of the product. TCAC tests evaluate the resistance to corrosion of bare metals or of metals coated in different ways, mIL STD 810 or STD 202. SGS Sercovam has nearly 30 years of experience in the validation of equipment and materials for the truck industry, by means of videos and pictures. SERCOVAM can valid technical characteristics and performance of moisture absorbers sold in supermarkets – this characteristic is essential to choose packaging or building insulation materials and to ensure the protection of a product.

Allowing to check cleaning behaviour and durability of products, these are final documents and are still current. For a list of IMDRF meeting minutes and outcome statements, sercovam test laboratories validate material characteristics, parts or compounds used in the rail industry which can be subjected to vibration or shock during their use. On these tests methods: 1428 Shot blasting D111054 Suppleness of a piece by impression of a hemispherical punch beads, this meets the expectations of validation plans dedicated to painted metallic parts. Among the 30 weather, sGS SERCOVAM laboratories work closely with main international automotive OEMs.

The resistance to salt spray according to NF-EN-IEC60068-2-11: Test Ka aims to compare the resistance to deterioration due to salt spray specimens of similar products. Dans le cadre de la validation des pièces destinées au marché automobile, constructeurs RENAULT et PEUGEOT CITROEN ont défini des spécifications décrivant la simulation de contraintes environnementales climatiques ou chimiques auxquelles peuvent être soumises les pièces électroniques et électriques embarquées sur les véhicules. The growth in the popularity of this type of test in a number of industrial fields, and particularly in the automotive, construction and decoration products, and packaging sector, has led SERCOVAM to increase the measuring capacities of its materials analysis laboratory. Search for COV can be performed according to ISO 16000-25, ISO DIS 12219-3, ASTM D7706-11. Cette qualification référence SERCOVAM en tant que laboratoire indépendant qualifié Airbus dans la base de données accessible par tous leurs fournisseurs.

Sercovam is changing both leadership and shareholding structure. Frédéric Puccini, who founded the company in 1987, wished to be released from his role as chairman and transfer his shares to SGS France, under the management of Fabrice Egloff. Its Packaging testing laboratory offers to food industry the ability to test contact compatibility between food and numerous plastics and varnishes by performing overall migration into aqueous and fatty environment according to NF EN 1186 and regulation No. 2011, thus meeting the requirements of companies BRC certified.