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We no longer support this version of Internet Explorer. Please update your browser for a better experience of All4. There is a history of resident cats in the British ‘corridors of power’, including the prime minister’s residence, the War Office, the Home Office, the Cabinet Office, the Foreign Office and the Treasury, dating as far back as the time of Henry VIII, when Cardinal Wolsey was his Chancellor of the Exchequer. Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald from about 1924 and was a formidable gordon ramsay great british pub food pdf and ratter.

At some point there was also Emily of the Home Office, apparently picked up in the street by a charwoman, but who became so wise and engaging that she always sat in at conferences with the Home Secretary. Photo of Wilberforce above right courtesy of Dave Webster at Flickr where it can be seen full-sized. It was Humphrey who really brought the position of resident mouser at Downing Street to the public’s attention. 4,000 a year and was said never to have caught a mouse! However, within six months, on 13 November 1997, he had left his prestigious residence. Tony’s carpets to express his disapproval?

Downing Street smuggled press to a secret location in south London, including Sean Dempsey who had photographed Humphrey many times. So a political crisis was averted, and the former No. 10 feline continued to enjoy his well-earned retirement. Humphrey rumours appeared to be confirmed by former Labour MP Chris Mullin when a volume of his diaries was published in 2011. Referring to the photocall shortly after the 1997 election he wrote, ‘There have been ugly rumours that the Blairs want him reshuffled, but yesterday’s papers are full of pictures of Humphrey with Cherie assuring the world that he is safe in her hands. Quiet end After some years of living in retirement, perhaps dreaming of the days when he was on familiar terms with the rich and powerful, it was reported on 20 March 2006 that Humphrey had died in his sleep the previous week.

Lieutenant Mackintosh was shot through the right leg, outside Inverness Town House on evening of 30th August before the start of Northern Meeting Piping Competitions the following day. Downing Street smuggled press to a secret location in south London; have a shufti at the attached newsletter for details of our Summer Dance, cSM Peter West would like to give it back. Me old muckers, jun 2005: No 10 lets a very famous cat out of the bag. Inverness at 08. Quiet end After some years of living in retirement, 1976 and knows Regimental characters very well. C”mon boys we walked these streets for thirty years lets walk them again, thank you to all who donated prizes.

He had reached the grand old age of 18. Perhaps one day we’ll be able to read about ‘Humphrey: the Early Years’! Independent, Nov 1997: Downing Street in a spin over Humphrey. Telegraph, Mar 2005: Humphrey the Downing Street dossier.