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Please forward this error screen to 162. Welcome florida vehicle bill of sale pdf the Bill of Sale Template website! What is a bill of saleA bill of sale is a legal written document that a seller issues to a buyer while selling a specific item of personal such as vehicle, motorcycle, boat,  antiques, jewelry, sport equipment, etc.

A bill of sale records a sales transaction of an item that was made on a certain date, for a specific amount of money. A bill of sale typically states that the seller has legal title to the selling item and sells it to the buyer. It also serves as a proof of ownership of the item being sold to the buyer. Both buyer and seller should always keep a signed hard-copy of a bill of sale.

However,  I still wonder what should be included in a bill of sale. A heading states clearly the kind of bill of sale e. A comprehensive description of the item being sold. The name of seller and buyer, and the contact information including address, postal code, and phone number. A statement indicates that the seller is legally transferring the title of the item being sold to the buyer. The purchase price of the item being sold and form of payment such as cash, credit card, or money order. A bill of sale may be notarized if applicable based on the local law.

Last but not least, signatures of both seller and buyer must be available on the bill of sale. So, do I have to draft a bill of sale from a blank sheet of paper? I NEED to have ready-to-use bill of sale right now for completing sale transactions legally. In this website, we provide you with a comprehensive collection of professionally written bill of sale templates for free.

How do I use these bill of sale? Each bill of sale has a Microsoft Word document format so it is simple to use. If you don’t have Microsoft Word, you can find the corresponding printable bill of sale form in PDF format. Just download the template, fill out appropriate fields such as name, address, etc. Feel free to browse and download the bill of sale that best suits your needs.

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If you enjoy using our bill of sale, please drop us few lines via contact form. We are more than happy to hear your feedback or suggestion. Looking for bill of sale template in your state? This state does not have official bill of sale form. Bill of Sale Template website provides you with professionally written bills of sale that help you save time to create one while protect you from future disputes. Copyright 2018, Bill Of Sale Form.

What is a vehicle bill of sale? It is a legal agreement between yourself and the party you wish to do your motor vehicle transaction with. If you are selling your motor vehicle and need a bill of sale form to complete the transaction, we have you covered! These forms are relatively basic and assume the motor vehicle is being sold in AS IS condition. Simply open the bill of sale PDF form below, fill in the necessary fields, print two copies and have both parties in the transaction sign. Additionally note that these free bill of sale templates offer the ability to add two pictures representing the property in the transaction.

Below we layout a couple simple steps to download and create your vehicle bill of sale form. In step one download the bill of sale pdf, in step two complete the form entry as shown in the sample below, then print using the button in the top right of the form. Wondering where to get a bill of sale form? Please be patient while downloading the vehicle bill of sale forms as the file sizes may cause it to take a moment depending on your connection speeds.

Once you have successfully opened your vehicle bill of sale form into an Adobe Reader software product, you can begin filling all the form elements shown in light blue to the right. Also notice that beyond all the basic form fields, you have a field just above the signature area that allows you to add optional text if there is something about this bill of sale agreement that you would like to add. As a final step you can optionally add two pictures of the motor vehicle at the bottom of the page. When complete, click the print button on the top right of the form.