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This article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Both of Kirchhoff’s laws can be understood as corollaries of Maxwell’s equations in the low-frequency limit. They are accurate for DC circuits, and for AC circuits at frequencies where the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation are very large compared to the circuits. The current entering any junction is equal to the current leaving that junction.

The algebraic sum of currents in a network of conductors meeting at a point is zero. A matrix version of Kirchhoff’s current law is the basis of most circuit simulation software, such as SPICE. The sum of all the voltages around a loop is equal to zero. Here, n is the total number of voltages measured. This law is based on the conservation of energy whereby voltage is defined as the energy per unit charge. The total amount of energy gained per unit charge must be equal to the amount of energy lost per unit charge, as energy and charge are both conserved.

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In the low-frequency limit, the voltage drop around any loop is zero. This has practical application in situations involving “static electricity”. KCL and KVL both depend on the lumped element model being applicable to the circuit in question. When the model is not applicable, the laws do not apply. KCL, in its usual form, is dependent on the assumption that current flows only in conductors, and that whenever current flows into one end of a conductor it immediately flows out the other end.

This is not a safe assumption for high-frequency AC circuits, where the lumped element model is no longer applicable. In practical cases this is always so when KCL is applied at a geometric point. When investigating a finite region, however, it is possible that the charge density within the region may change. Since charge is conserved, this can only come about by a flow of charge across the region boundary. This flow represents a net current, and KCL is violated. KVL is based on the assumption that there is no fluctuating magnetic field linking the closed loop.

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