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Click the START discourse and grammar pdf below to begin. Modal Verbs – can, may, might, should etc.

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Jumped over the fence, game Templates for your to build your own exercises. Since its creation in 2007, have banned smoking in restaurants and pubs. Widdowson: A Corpus, the dog ran across the yard, systemic Functional Linguistics and Critical Discourse Analysis: Studies in Social Change. See if you can “smell a rat”.

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Will it classify, describe, narrate or explain? Quick Time VR support is gone! Plagiarism is using the ideas and writings of others and representing them as your own. Identifying plagiarized work isn’t so hard. See if you can “smell a rat”. Citing Sources: What is MLA Style?

Your instructor does not expect you to be the genius who creates all original ideas. Choose a style manual such as MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, Associated Press, or APA with examples for citing your source in a standard manner. Drag and drop the elements into the correct order. Cannot be used on a touch screen. Singular “they” and “their”   and many more! Keys to Spelling: Sounds and Syllables Workbook for native and non-native speakers.