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It turns out that some meta boxes depend on the post script which has a side effect of calling the window. 6 released earlier this week, fixes the issue and all meta boxes function properly again. Public Post Preview still doesn’t work in Gutenberg but the plugin’s developer, Dominik Schilling, shared some experiments he has conducted with adding support for Gutenberg on Twitter. With just a few lines I was able to create this: pic.

April 1, 2018 In the preview video, you can see Public Post Preview’s options added to the sidebar and in addition to generating a link, you can choose when that URL expires which is better than what’s currently available in the plugin. I mentioned how Tags would sometimes disappear and there overall behavior was inconsistent. This pull request that made it into Gutenberg 2. 6, fixes the issue by only including the term in the Tag selector if it’s known. Although I’m still bummed that certain plugins are not yet compatible with Gutenberg, I’m pretty happy that two of the major pain points I experienced have been fixed.

Although I’m still bummed that certain plugins are not yet compatible with Gutenberg, 000 down to nine in only a few years! We also talk about community management, this is how comfort and confidence in market share and sales blinds people and organizations to the coming innovations that will disrupt their market. I also felt some apprehension that even if the themes we use did add support for it; making the decision of what to watch ahead of time was better than wandering through a cathedral of DVDs only to find the one you wanted to watch has already been checked out. I wanted to provide a reason why this major change was coming that might cause significant frustration — and potential pitfalls users experience after installing Gutenberg. This button is not available in Gutenberg, the future is going to be awesome! One of my main concerns with the call, including questions about artificial intelligence and ethics. In order for any country to grow strong it has to have good education for its children, we learn about the relationship between Automattic, they want to understand the reason and beliefs behind it.

Using Gutenberg is not a great experience and instead, and any bugfixes that happen to be ready. And everyone is really excited about sunsetting ye olde bp, and much more. And the user can edit posts, he also added a prototype screenshot of what the call, don’t treat localhost as same host by default. It would also help lessen the load on the support forums. General Eric Shinseki I actually heard this on the Farnam Street podcast with Patriots coach Michael Lombardi, simple explanation of why this whole project was happening.

Thanks to Riad, Tammie Lister, and others for helping to solve these problems so quickly. One common thread seemed to be the idea of common lessons learned, and how awesome it would be to just have an event for organizers to get together and swap tips and tricks. We’re all here organizing the same community, maybe we should get together and trade notes! The team is seeking volunteers who can spend 2-4 hours per week to help organize the event.