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THE BEST TOOLS COMBINED The Double Loop design process is business model you book pdf comprehensive framework that links the best existing innovation tools in the business with a number of exciting new ones into one consistent design journey. ONE PROVEN METHODOLOGY The methods behind the Double Loop are proven over years of innovation and strategy sessions. And not just by us  by thought leaders, tool creators, and innovators all across the globe.

IMMEDIATELY APPLICABLE The book includes the practical step by step guides to bring each tool into practice, and guides you through the entire design journey, all the way from preparation to scaling your business. Reading how this book describes the design journey through the Double Loop is interesting in itself, but the real value only becomes apparent when you start to bring it into practice and start to combine the visual tools. This is a book for doing design, more than reading about it. We designed and created a totally different kind of experience for the Design A Better Business workshops. We wanted to make sure participants can come earlier, stay overnight and work wherever they want, building, learning, and working as a team. It has to be one immersive learning journey. As a designer, you always need to start from the customer’s perspective!

We develop our vision together with customers to make real impact! This book is designed as a simple and intuitive guide to help you put into use the best tools and processes to design a product, service or business. Their double loop process diagram outlines the design steps and each is clearly explained with many new canvases and examples to help you put the ideas to work for you. Please fill in your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible. When would you like to book Patrick?

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