3rd grade math review pdf

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When I started using Whole Brain Teaching, the second thing I hung up after the Class Rules was the Clip Chart. From the beginning of the day, students have the opportunity to “clip up”. I make a simple “cutting” gesture and then an “up” gesture with my thumb as I see them doing great work around the classroom. When I see a student making not-so-wonderful choices, I have them “clip down” discretely. I do not make a loud announcement, but all of the students seem to know it’s happening regardless.

I see them making good choices, I immediately have them clip up. The other main reason I love the clip chart system is that it rewards those kids who go above and beyond. If someone is a class leader with “Class-Yes” or “Teach-OK,” I do tell them to clip up in a loud enough voice so that others can hear and are inspired to copy their positive model. If they end the day at “Super Student” they get a star on their clip. Here is the Clip Chart pdf printable! I just implemented the Clip Chart in my classroom just before Spring Break!

I clip their pin to my lanyard around my neck. It is working sooo well in my class. Thanks for all the wonderful information you have here. I have a question about your use of consequences for the clip chart.

Keep it for yourself or gift it to a teacher friend, i hope this list gives you lots of ideas for read alouds for this important time of year as you study Dr. Do your students have a consequence if they move to Teacher Choice or Parent Contact at any time during the day, how to Get a Star Punch? Step 2: “I” Statements This is the first back — do you have additional steps or any feedback? With a full punch card, best of luck and happy holidays!

Do your students have a consequence if they move to Teacher Choice or Parent Contact at any time during the day, or only if they end the day there? In terms of consequences, it depends- the “Teacher’s Choice” consequence will involve staying in from recess or free time and cleaning book bins, cleaning the round table, taking out recycling, or some other kind of community service. If a student gets to red at any time of day, I always call the parents after school. Thanks for linking up with us!

I will have 26 students and I am super excited to implement the clip chart! I love that they can clip up, thanks for sharing! Thank you so much for your comments! I am a third grade teacher in Colorado and lucky mom to a wonderful little girl. Victoria Template template by Georgia Lou Studios customized by A Bird in Hand Designs.